19959093_10155608932867664_4896140663900729599_nAWF presents Rumble in Osakis // Osakis High School – Osakis, MN
Results thanks to Andrew Bulow

1. Super Thunder Frog pinned “The Minnesota Wrecker” Josh Price

2. AWF original and PWA Valor Champion Chris Cro defeated Gerard Castle and Sterling Bond to retain the Valor title.

3. Patient X w/ Trixie pinned Nick “The Natural” Nelson to win the AWF Midwest Heritage Championship

4. Johnathon Jones and Lucas Payne def. Kamikaze Klecker.

5. Jamal Killz def. Jaden Roller to win the #1 Contendership for the AWF title, thanks to an assist from Orin Veidt.


18199075_1501251969925380_2950263129853951034_nNorthern Lights Wrestling presents TURMOIL IN THE TENT // 1029 Bar – Minneapolis, MN
Results thanks to @CrazyLenny

Buddha was there to set up the street fight at the beginning. Aaron Corbin was “not supposed to be there” due to conditions of his loss last year but he came and caused a ruckus with Buddha. Black Stallion came in for the save and Buddha set up a Street Fight for the main event of the afternoon.

“Superstar” Steve Stardom + Darkchild def. Body Beautiful (Mitch Paradise + Billy Blaze)

NLW Midwest Championship Elimination Match
Sterling Bond def. Kal Creed, Doug – Sterling delivered shots and took a powder often to let the other two duke it out. Doug was the first to get pinned by Creed. He congratulated Creed, but to no avail. Bond got the best of Creed to get the title.

Nick Nelson def. Jaden Roller

NLW Championship Match
SpiderBaby w/ Stonehenge def. Ian Xavier

Main Event Street Fight
Black Stallion def. Aaron Corbin
Lots of painful spots of Corbin landing on chairs. And what Street Fight would be complete without a trip to the Porta potty? There was a ref bump at the end and the local fave Buddha came in for the count to give Stallion the win. He gave Corbin a stunner and Corbin was still selling it while people filed out!

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