HOSTS: Clark Feldman & The Ultimate Worrier featuring Miss JL
YEARS PRO: Just getting started, baby!
FINISHING/SIGNATURE MOVES: Ten Count, Crippling Social Anxiety

BIO: Stop me if you’ve heard this one before – a referee and some dude from Twitter walk into a bar, say “ouch.” Classic. Dive Club was born from a pitcher of margaritas at Bar Luchador and made its way into the questionable lighting of some of the Twin Cities’ favorite haunts in July, 2017. A MNDIY Wrestling production, Dive Club is a chance for fans, wrestlers and the graps-curious alike to meet up at a local dive bar, knock a few back and have a good time. Want to be on the show? Stop by! Don’t? Stop by anyway! We want to build a community of folks who love Minnesota wrestling and beloved, well-worn bars, so stop on by, have a good time and make a shaky promise to come back for the next one. There’s room for everybody.

Twitter – @DiveClubMN


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