NAME: Zuka King
YEARS PRO: 2 years 8 Months

BIO: From Charleston, South Carolina started training To Become a Professional Wrestler at the age of 25. Trained by The Fabulous Playboy Bob Keller and The Southern Savior John Skyler… In such a short time Zuka King has competed in 25 different promotions, in 6 states, Such as North and South Carolina, Georgia, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Minnesota, All as A member of The E.N.D also Known As The Equal Nation Demonstration…. Zuka King has competed against Legends and WWE Hall of Famers such as Tommy Dreamer, Ricky Morton, Bubbah Ray Dudley, Wild Fire Tommy Rich, Fantastic Bob Fulton The Barbarian and Dangerous Doug Gilbert…. Zuka King is continuing to make a name for himself in professional wrestling by any means necessary and Staying Sucka Free….

Facebook – Zuka King
Instagram – Zuka_king_

MERCH (Upcoming From):
Indie Customs
SOS Custom Tees

Photo by Fisticuffs Photography

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