NAME: E.S.Q. (short for E. Sylvester Quinton, IV)
YEARS PRO:  Debuted in September 2017
FINISHING/FAVORITE MANEUVER: Closing Argument (lifting reverse STO); Cease and Desist (Arm-Trap Half Nelson Sleeper)

BIO: Trained by The Academy (since April 2017), I have wrestled for Showtime Championship Wrestling where, with “The Renissance” Ricky Noren, the “Young Gun” Rylie Jackson, and Valentin Bravo I am a co-founding member of the most dominant faction in Showtime Championship Wrestling, The Firm. As this generation’s finest legal mind, my singular goal is to match my wrestling success to my legal success and become the finest wrestler of this generation.

Facebook: ESQwrestling

BOOKINGS: or DM on Facebook

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