2018 MNDIY 50 (3).png
Take into consideration what one has to achieve in a single year to jump from being not ranked to being recognized by your community as one of the top ten talents in the state. Very few wrestlers have made bigger improvements or acheived more than JDX has in 2018. Over the course of the year and across the State and beyond, “The Real McCoy” has become one of the most polished in-ring performers that Minnesota has to offer. His skills caught the eye of WWE’s NXT where he made his in-ring debut in the Fall of 2018. Add that to picking up the Heavyweight belt in AWF to wrap up the year and you have a Champion that puts together the look, in-ring performances, and skills on the microphone into a professional package that Minnesota fans should pay to see while they still can.

(Photo: Indulging Disorderly)

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