2018 MNDIY 50: 15-11

The only wrestler on the list so good that cats ask for him by name. The Crime-Fighting Feline continued to delight this year delivering high-flying and comedy all rolled into one. Similar to Chris Jordan, Wildcat is a wrestler's wrestler, keeping himself in great condition and able to take on all comers big and small … Continue reading 2018 MNDIY 50: 15-11

2018 MNDIY 50: 20-16

Age continues to be nothing but a number for Chris Jordan as 2018 saw “The Genuine Article” deliver more great performances. Primarily working in MIW, Jordan seems to be making it a point to work regularly with the young up-and-coming talent and the scene has benefited from it, particularly in his feud with Scott Story … Continue reading 2018 MNDIY 50: 20-16